What does adventure mean to you?

To me, it's many things. Visiting a country where I don't know the language. Traveling off the beaten path. Meeting the locals. Staying with them. Trying their food. Experiencing life their way…

It's also an approach to life back home in the USA. Living life a bit unconventionally and enjoying local adventures, both offbeat and quirky.

As a passenger—reader, that is—you'll travel the world with me via storytelling, photo/video essays and authentic cultural experiences…and discover yourself along the way..

Want to visit 9 countries for the price of a latte?

Now you can…via my travel memoir! Click on the book to the right to download the first section free!

Recent "Rides" on the Bus
Takoyaki–Japanese Octopus Balls (Photo of the Day)

I had the pleasure of trying Takoyaki (“octopus balls”), a popular Japanese street food,[more]

Clouds Floating in Water at Wawayanda State Park (Photo of the Day)

Visiting Wawayanda State Park–located in Sussex County, New Jersey–almost always makes [more]

The Woman Who Used My Arm as a Handrail (Random Travel Moment 14)

Where: On a Boat I had no clue, but I’d just gotten on the wrong boat. I was on my way to Nain[more]

Kronosaurus Skeleton, Fossil Museum, Villa de Lleyva, Colombia: Trippy Travel Photo 37

This photo of a Kronosaurus skeleton was taken at Museo El Fósil (a fossil museum) in Villa de Lley[more]

Most Popular "Stops"
Morals & Ethics of Travel Photography: When Shouldn’t You Take That Photo?

Ever find yourself in a situation where you want to snap a photo, but for some reason, you hesitate?[more]

5 Fantasy Trips—and Why I Haven’t Taken Them…Yet

If you’ve visited this site before, then you may know that I’ve traveled to more than 25 cou[more]

5 Unusual Places I’ve Slept: Where, How and Why

Because I’m a low-budget traveler (a backpacker most of the time), I’ve found myself sle[more]

Finished Writing My Book! What’s It About and What’s Next?

I have some exciting news that I’m thrilled to finally be sharing with you. I recently finished wr[more]

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