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I believe that self-discovery can happen anywhere. A temple. A village...

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Trippy #Travel #Photo Game 36: Guess What, Guess Where! #tbex #ttot #photography

Ready to play round 36 of the Trippy Travel Photo Game and possibly win a mention/link to your site? It’s easy (well, sometimes). :)

Follow these steps to play the game:

1. Look at the photo/study the details

Trippy Travel Photo #36

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The Best Coffee I Had in Colombia!

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Playing Pharmacist With an Argentine Soap Opera Actress (Random Travel Moment 14)

When I checked in at the beachfront hotel in Palomino, Colombia, I immediately noticed how much Mari[more]

Watermelon Vendor Cooling Off in Front of Cafe, Cartagena, Colombia (Photo of the Day)

I saw this watermelon vendor, sitting  in front of Café Havana on Calle Media Luna in Cartagena, s[more]

Other-Worldly Sand Dune, Punta Gallinas, Colombia (Photo of the Day)

This sand dune at Taroa Beach in Punta Gallinas, Colombia, really blew my mind. It is so breathtakin[more]

Most Popular "Stops"
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Want the quick fix? Watch the YouTube video to the right of this box.  Vicarious thrills guaranteed!

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