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Photo for back coverHi. I’m Lisa, a travel addict whose favorite way to get into the moment is…to travel off the beaten path. It’s what I’ve been doing off and on for over 15 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The reason? The cool stuff that happens when I do it. Every one of my trips is a unique experience full of fun, adventure, quirky moments, cultural exchange and introspection. And self-discovery.

This can happen anywhere–even on a chicken bus, full of passengers and maybe a chicken or two, speeding through the Andes Mts. It can also happen right at home…although there truly is something about travel that makes the process more dynamic, intense and accelerated.

Chicky Bus Philosophy

It’s really quite simple. I believe that when you put yourself out there—off the beaten path—and take some risks (nothing crazy; just stepping outside of your comfort zone a bit), amazing things can happen. Random encounters lead to an unexpected journeys. That, by the way, is what my new book, Magic Carpet Seduction: Travel Tales Off the Beaten Path, is about.

As you explore this site, you will see that travel mimics life and vice versa. Travel, if you think about it, is figurative and literal. It helps you get there—wherever “there” is—on a variety of levels. Most people want to:

  • be more in the moment
  • let go of the past
  • face fear
  • feel empowered
  • find their bliss

Can travel help you accomplish this? Absolutely. However you approach it and wherever you go, chances are that you’ll find yourself along the way.

Who Am I When Off the Bus?

The truth is—I’m not sure I’m ever actually ‘off the bus.’ I tend to make almost every day an adventure of some sort—no matter where I am.

I’m a bit nomadic, but not a nomad, per se. I’ve lived abroad twice and now take a few times a year, sometimes for 6 weeks at a time. How’s this possible? I’m an ESL professor at a 2-year college and have summers off. And no, I didn’t get into teaching for this reason–I truly fell in love with the job because it’s creative and puts me in the moment. Having said this, I must say that it’s an awfully nice perk that I would never want to give up!

By the way, I used to work in the corporate world and sort of fell into teaching after making one split-second decision…while traveling in Ecuador. I suppose that was one of my early Chicky Bus moments. And here’s why….

I followed my intuition and broke away from the tour group, stepping  off a bus (non-chicken) that was heading somewhere I didn’t feel like going…and ended up somewhere better…the right place. One thing led to another, and two months later, I picked up and moved to Ecuador. My life changed in myriad ways—for the better—and has never been the same. (This is the subject of another book I’m working on…stay tuned!)

Incidentally, I tend to travel solo/independently mostly (I take some day tours and am open to the idea of longer ones) and it’s usually on the higher end of low budget, which means the occasional chicken bus ride.

However, truth be told, I more often than not splurge on something a little more comfy.


The Bottom Line

Sure, Chicky Bus style travel is slightly risky and a little edgy, but it’s rewarding and often life-changing. What will the next moment bring? Who will you meet along the way? It could be the man of your dreams in the seat next to you….or a chicken, who’s actually the Buddha, in disguise.

Let’s ride the Chicky Bus together—here on this website and out there—and find ourselves…off the beaten path.

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What Readers/’Riders’ Think of C Bus

“Lisa is a great storyteller with a quirky sense of humor. She’s like a magnet for off-beat adventures. Her travel writing is usually very people-focused and descriptive—which is good for the reader, because she meets the most interesting people when she travels! She also has a knack for writing thought-provoking posts about the ethical quandaries we sometimes encounter when traveling to other cultures.”

—Gray Cargill of SoloFriendly

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