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‘Would You Rather…?’ Game for Travelers (Round 2)

Would you rather

Hello, my fellow travelers, aspiring travelers and armchair adventurers. Let’s get to know each other better! How? By playing round #2 of a game called “Would you rather….?” (Click here to see round #1, which was a blast and had a tremendous response.) To keep things interesting, I like to include a few somewhat extreme…

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5 Toyless Games Indonesian Children Like To Play…With Foreigners

Village kids running

Indonesian children are wonderful to hang out with. They’re generally well-behaved and best of all, they’re fun. They seem to live in the moment…naturally. And most like to play games. But not the kind you might think. Certain kids, neighbors I met while staying/volunteering in a village (Tiakar Guguak, Payakumbuh) in West Sumatra for a…

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Finding ‘The One’—10 Ways Searching for Flights Is Like Dating


Searching for flights is exciting. In fact, it can make you feel downright giddy—especially if you think you’ve found ‘the one.’ But the process can also be time-consuming and a bit like a roller coaster. Often, it just doesn’t work out. Sounds like dating/falling in love, doesn’t it? This realization came to me a few…

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Kissed by a Flirtatious Taco Maker in La Paz, Mexico (Random Travel Moment #10)

Kissed by a taco maker

When I ate at my favorite local taco place in La Paz for the 4th time, I had no idea that I’d get more than some free samples. There was also an unexpected kiss from the taco maker. How the heck did this happen? Where Was I? La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico—at the Hermanos Rosario…

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6 Silly (But Real) Mexican Food Challenges & Possible Solutions

Huge cinnamon roll

Mango. Tacos. Hot sauce. Peppers. Lettuce. What do each of these have in common? Well, first of all, one encounters them all in Mexico. And, in my case, it was a struggle to eat them without getting into trouble. Here are the 6 Mexican food challenges I faced recently, which you may find yourself dealing…

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Blindfolded and Force-fed Baby Food in Mexico! (Random Travel Moment #9)

Blindfolded and Force-fed Baby Food

How It Began… “Want to go to a Mexican baby shower?” asked Jeanne, a woman I’d just met hours before. We were at a bar in La Paz, Baja Sur, and she was a friend of a friend–someone I’d met randomly on a shuttle bus (click here for that story). The mother-to-be was her (Jeanne’s)…

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Overnight Megabus to New York from Toronto: From Hellride to Joyride


I honestly dreaded having to take the overnight double-decker MegaBus ride from Toronto to NYC two nights ago (after being at the TBEX Conference for a few days). Although I’m a veteran bus rider, I just didn’t look forward to an 11-hour ride (midnight to 11 am the next day). But I had no choice….

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Random Travel Moment #6: Meeting the Exorcist Asst. Director in Amman, Jordan

Exorcist Assistant Director

The Assistant Director of the Exorcist? In Amman, Jordan? Pretty random and yeah, just a bit bizarre. What the heck would…um…possess someone to claim that identity? And why did he choose to speak to me and my 12-year-old Circassian-Jordanian friend Shamel? And was he really who he said he was? Read on to find out……

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Unpacking Procrastination Syndrome (UPS): 5 Signs/Symptoms and Possible Cures

Unpacking Panic

After a trip, do you ever ‘forget’ to unpack? Or do you knowingly and actively procrastinate? I don’t mean for a few days. I’m talking weeks and weeks. Better yet, have you ever opted to only partially unpack and simply ‘leave the bag until next time’? If you answered yes to one or more of…

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Zombie Apocalypse Is Beginning Now—in Staten Island, New York!

Zombie in Jeep

The Zombie Apocalypse? In Staten Island, New York? Yup. No, this is not one of my Random Travel Moments. It’s something a bit different. Although there is a tour involved–a Zombie Jeep Tour–this is somewhat of a deviation from my regular travel pieces. Note: It’s not recommended for all readers and I advise you to…

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