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Father and Son…Traveling the World, Walking on the Wind

Tigger and Talon Windwalker

Talon and Tigger Windwalker, father and son, are traveling the world and having the time of their lives. They’re living an alternative American Dream of sorts–one in which freedom, traveling light and being in the moment are what it’s all about. Right now, they’re in Honduras where Talon has been working as a dive instructor…

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The Motorcycle Diaries—With a Japanese Twist

Comandente Yoshi...looking serious

Was it the Che Guevara-style berét that got my attention first–or the motorcycle? Perhaps it was the combination. All I know is that when I first saw Tsuyoshi Yoshihara, I thought of the Motorcycle Diaries film. And I wondered to myself: Is that Che Guevara’s Japanese reincarnation? The resemblance was that uncanny. When I spotted…

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