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Aging Gracefully: 5 Beautiful Indonesian Grannies (a photo essay)


Aging gracefully is something we hear about a lot. In Indonesia, it was something I frequently saw. I found these women, locals I met while traveling, to be truly beautiful–they were lovely, classy and full of dignity. When I photographed them, it was sort of random and I wasn’t necessarily planning a post. So, unfortunately,…

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7 Awesome (and Handsome) Indonesian Men I’d Like You to Meet


I met a lot of great people in Indonesia while there—many of whom were men. Nice guys who were both welcoming and helpful. I found a number of them to be exotic looking and quite handsome, too, and definitely enjoyed photographing them. I’d now like to introduce them to you here—on the C Bus. Not…

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Meet ‘Hendrik’—the Indonesian Man I Couldn’t Stop Photographing…


The minute I saw this Indonesian (Batak) man, I knew I wanted to take a photo. Maybe a few. Not only was the guy handsome, but he looked cool. And different somehow. For a moment, I wondered if he was an Asian film star. Had I seen him on the big screen at an arthouse…

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6 Offbeat Travel Experiences Had in Sumatra, Indonesia

Orang hair

I tend to have some offbeat/quirky experiences wherever and whenever I travel. And here in Sumatra, Indonesia (Payakumbuh specifically), it’s been happening yet again. And know what? I’m really enjoying it. I’ve gotten many laughs out of these situations (especially #5) and I hope you do, too. Without further ado, here are 6 of the…

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Geisha, Panama’s Best Coffee—and Why I Didn’t Drink It

Coffee bar menu

When I heard about award-winning Geisha, Panama’s best coffee—which is one of the best/most expensive in the world—I really thought I wanted to try it. So, while in Boquete, known for its climate and fertile soil that’s ideal for coffee growing, I considered several tours. I then settled on one with Café Ruiz, one of…

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Amantina’s Dominican Kitchen—Where Love Is the Main Ingredient

Ona--Haitian woman and fantastic cook

After a couple of long days of travel on my recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I wasn’t feeling well, thanks to a stomach virus. When I arrived in Los Patos, a small town in the southwestern corner of the country, I had no appetite, yet I knew I was hungry. The question was—what could…

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Random Travel Moment #4: Meeting an Arnold Schwarzenegger Lookalike

Meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger

When I first spotted him in the Aleppo Souq (market) in Syria, I thought–he looks like a body builder. An Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike, perhaps, but not exactly. See, he was built. Really built. And I’d never seen anyone quite like that in the Middle East. And I was taken aback by it. I Tried Not…

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Mangú, Merengue and Mao: A Day in a Dominican Village

Getting off the beaten path in the DR

It’s mid-morning and the merengue, coming from different corners of the village, reaches the porch where I’m sitting and makes me smile. One is fast and in my face. Another is slow and suave. Almost romantic. And the third one is medium tempo and just right. Across the street–the dirt road, that is–local men are…

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Edelma—the Only Female Taxi Driver on Isla Ometepe

Edelma, the female taxi driver

When we first saw Edelma, after arriving in Isla Ometepe (Nicaragua), we weren’t sure if we should accept a ride with her. She looked nice enough, but like the other taxi drivers, she was super eager and borderline pushy.  “Vamos,” she said. “I’ll find you a room, too.” My travel companion and I, feeling slightly…

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