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Clouds Floating in Water at Wawayanda State Park (Photo of the Day)

Wawayanda State Park

Visiting¬†Wawayanda State Park–located in Sussex County, New Jersey–almost always makes me happy (except for when I spot a bear or two). The hiking/mountain biking trails are great and offer something for everyone regardless of ability, and the park is simply gorgeous. There are wetlands, as seen in this photo, and a lovely lake that I’ve…

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Surreal Wax Palm Trees Against Dramatic Sky, Cocora Valley, Colombia (Photo of the Day)

Wax palm trees, Cocora Valley, Colombia

The palma de cera, wax palm tree (ceroxylon quindiuense), is Colombia’s national tree and a beautiful sight to see! They’re found in the high-altitude Cocora Valley, located near the town of Salento, in the department of Quindio. This is one of the only places in the world to see them in their natural habitat. I…

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Jamaican ‘Ganja Tree’ Instagram (Photo of the Day)

ganja tree 3

Quite often, while in rural Jamaica (Billy’s Bay, Treasure Beach), I smelled ganja–marijuana–being smoked. Sometimes, it just hung in the air, as if a part of the atmosphere. Other times, it wafted out from behind some bushes or a tree, accompanied by a rustling sound. I was told that what I smelled wasn’t necessarily marijuana…

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Red-Topped Cactus, Treasure Beach, Jamaica (Photo of the Day)

Red-topped cactus, Treasure Beach

This red-topped cactus I spotted in Billy’s Bay, Treasure Beach, Jamaica, was one of many I came across. On this particular day, I’d gone for a walk–in the opposite direction of the other bays in the area, where one finds a handful of restaurants, guesthouses, etc. I was already pretty far of the beaten path,…

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Noisy Bike, Peaceful Paddies–Indonesian Contrast in Black and White (Photo of the Day)

Motor bike n rice fields

Whether you call them motorcycles or motorbikes, they’re unmistakable in Indonesia. They’re the most common mode of transportation. And on most islands, they’re pretty much everywhere! The same is true for the rice fields (with the exception of some islands). When you see them, it’s easy to get lost in their beauty–especially if you’re from…

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Mute Swans…Magical Water (a Photo Essay)

Mute swans NJ

Saturday was one of those perfect autumn days here in the Northeast. The air was crisp and cool and the foliage was just slightly past peak. Leaves were falling from the trees, some floating like feathers, and the water was glowing as it reflected the gorgeous colors. I was at Speedwell Park in Morristown, NJ,…

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Sunrise Over Niagara Falls (Photo of the Day) & 5 Facts

Sunrise Over Niagara Falls

This photo–of the sun rising over Niagara Falls–is one of which I’m proud. Sure, it’s pretty, but the fact that I woke up early enough to catch it (before 6 a.m.) is a big deal. Seriously? The falls themselves are pretty darn impressive… I was just lucky enough to wake up in time to enjoy…

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Cherry Blossoms in Black and White, Newark, NJ (Photo of the Day)

Cherry Blossoms, Newark, NJ

Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ, is known for its gorgeous cherry blossoms.¬† Some say the park has more cherry trees than Washington, DC. Others say it comes very close. First Trip to This Park Whatever the case, I’m so glad I visited this gorgeous park recently. What’s crazy is that although I live nearby,…

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Rice Paddy and Sky Reflection, Bali (Photo of the Day)

Rice Paddy n Sky Reflection

Today’s photo is of a rice paddy in Bali that I spotted off to the side of a bumpy dirt road leading to Pasir Putih, aka, the “secret white sand beach”. It caught my eye because of the reflection of the sky and the sense of peace it conveys. It was near several rice terraces,…

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Blue Water and Sky: Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia (Photo of the Day)

Lake Toba as seen from Samosir Island

Lake Toba, as seen from Samosir Island (N. Sumatra, Indonesia), is today’s travel photo. The lake, which is nearly the same size as Singapore (100 kilometres long and 30 kilometres wide), is the result of the eruptions of a ‘super volcano’ that occurred about 70,000 years ago.

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