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Mourning the Loss of Amjed, My ESL Student: How ‘Om,’ Facebook and a Poem Have Helped


“OK, everybody–please put your hands in meditation position,” I said, while sitting cross-legged on top of my desk. My students–in class for ESL reading, not meditation–were sitting normally, looking at me like I was crazy. But they soon joined in. And I was glad. Many were teenagers, some were in their 20s and 30s, and…

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‘Port of Illusion,’ La Paz: the Arch, the Song & What It All Means to Me

La Paz Illusion Arch

As soon as I arrived here in La Paz, Baja California, I knew my decision to travel to Mexico was a good one. Something about it felt right. And very quickly, things fell into place… My first night here, I saw this arch, which says, “Bienvenidos a La Paz, Puerto de Ilusión” (Welcome to La…

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Choosing a Back Cover Blurb for My Travel Memoir–Can You Help?

Green globes

It’s time to choose a back cover blurb for my book, a collection of travel tales, which is almost ready to be published (in late March, I think). Yay! But it’s a tough decision. That’s why I need your help… Giving Away Two Free Books To show my appreciation for your interest/assistance, I’ll be giving…

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Still on Cloud 9—After Flying a Plane Over Princeton, NJ!

Me during flying lesson

Ever wonder what it’s like to fly an airplane? To actually be the pilot…to taxi, take off and maybe even steer the plane once you’re airborne? I had the opportunity to do all of the above one week ago and must say–it was a great experience! And I think–excuse the pun–that I’m still flying high…

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8 Ways An Indonesian Village Led Me to Live in the Moment


Staying in a village can really put you in the moment–for a multitude of reasons–and that’s exactly what happened when I spent 3 weeks living/teaching in Tiakar Guguak, part of Payakumbuh, Western Sumatra, in Indonesia, recently. It was quite an experience, one that was full of mostly pleasant surprises. For one thing, the contrast between…

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Teaching English in Sumatra, Indonesia: The Unexpected Gifts


Yesterday, I was full of emotion as I presented a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) workshop to about Indonesian English 35 teachers here in a local school district near Payakumbuh in Western Sumatra, Indonesia. When I walked into the room and saw them waiting for me, I felt a brief surge of apprehension.

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Spiritual Trips to France

Carna Stones copy

(This is a sponsored guest post written by award-winning travel writer/photographer Jeremy Head, an avid traveler and lover of cheap red wine. His work has appeared in well-known travel magazines and guidebooks, including Frommer’s guides.) When you think of France, what comes to mind? Wine? Baguettes? Cheese? Sure, it’s got all of that, but there’s…

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Indonesia, Here I Come: Why I’m Going and What I’ll Be Doing

Indonesian students

I’m drawn to a place for many reasons. Sometimes I see a photo and think—yes, I must see that in person. Other times, opportunities come my way and things just sort of fall into place. Or, quite simply, I get a feeling about a destination—a tingle of sorts—and I know I just have to go…

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Father and Son…Traveling the World, Walking on the Wind

Tigger and Talon Windwalker

Talon and Tigger Windwalker, father and son, are traveling the world and having the time of their lives. They’re living an alternative American Dream of sorts–one in which freedom, traveling light and being in the moment are what it’s all about. Right now, they’re in Honduras where Talon has been working as a dive instructor…

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Coming Back to Life at the Dead Sea

Me in mud

Last summer, when I traveled to the Middle East, I was not in the best frame of mind. After several stressful months, I seriously needed to relax—and to let go of some things that were bothering me. I hoped that traveling would help in some way. Sure enough, it did. And it was the Dead…

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