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SriLanka (and Maybe Maldives), Here I Come! 1-Month Itinerary

Golden Temple

My next trip (1-month itinerary) is to Sri Lanka (and possibly the Maldives). I’m leaving on Saturday, June 20th, and am definitely excited about it since it’ll be my first time there. It looks like an incredibly fascinating country with so much to offer…I have a feeling I’m going to love it! Why Sri Lanka? Why not?…

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6 Silly (But Real) Mexican Food Challenges & Possible Solutions

Huge cinnamon roll

Mango. Tacos. Hot sauce. Peppers. Lettuce. What do each of these have in common? Well, first of all, one encounters them all in Mexico. And, in my case, it was a struggle to eat them without getting into trouble. Here are the 6 Mexican food challenges I faced recently, which you may find yourself dealing…

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10 Ways the iPhone Transformed My Last Trip (and Smartphone #Travel #Tips)


Traveling with an iPhone (or another smartphone) can enhance your travels in many ways. Until my last trip, I had traveled with no phone, I’d bought a local phone (and got a SIM card) and two trips ago, used my iPhone just to share when in wifi zones. My last trip, to Indonesia, was the…

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Traveling to a Developing Country? 10 Things to Expect (& Tips to Enhance the Trip)

McDs in Middle East

I enjoy traveling to developing countries and have been to quite a few over the past two decades. I’m drawn to them for many reasons, especially the cool cultural encounters I have and the quirky random travel moments that tend to occur. These trips, as wonderful as they may be, are not always easy. There…

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Singapore Airlines Lost Luggage Nightmare

Child who screamed for the duration of two flights with his twin brother who cried all night--20 hours of hell

Singapore Airlines lost, then found, then lost my luggage for nearly 5 days and caused me great stress and major inconvenience, both of which nearly ruined the first part of my trip to Indonesia. Normally, I wouldn’t bother to spend my time writing a post like this; I’d accept the basic compensation and move on….

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Geisha, Panama’s Best Coffee—and Why I Didn’t Drink It

Coffee bar menu

When I heard about award-winning Geisha, Panama’s best coffee—which is one of the best/most expensive in the world—I really thought I wanted to try it. So, while in Boquete, known for its climate and fertile soil that’s ideal for coffee growing, I considered several tours. I then settled on one with Café Ruiz, one of…

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Bad Border Behaviors: 4 Case Studies/Tips and 2 Confessions

Border Bathroom

Lots of things can go wrong at border crossings. There could be a problem with your visa. Someone might try to scam you–and succeed. Or something else totally unexpected could happen. And so, as you approach a border–especially a chaotic one–you may feel apprehensive. You get your bags ready, fumble for your “papers” and then,…

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Should I Buy a Round-the-World Ticket or Not?

Neon Tickets Sign

I’m considering taking a 3-continent trip this summer and am wondering if I should buy an around-the-world ticket–aka, an RTW ticket. Would it be more economical than getting separate tickets? If so, how/where would I get it? Also, how would I set it up to have some flexibility without breaking the bank? OR… is an around-the-world…

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6 Salsa Dancing Secrets

Handsome Dominican man

There was a time when I couldn’t salsa dance. At all. And I lived in Ecuador for 1.5 years–a country where there are plenty of opportunities to learn and practice. Loco, no? As hard as I tried, I felt like I had two left feet. And it bothered me as I watched others dancing the…

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7 Common Travel Guide Euphemisms and How To Read Between the Lines

I don’t know about you, but when I read one of my trusty indie travel guides (Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Let’s Go, etc.), I sometimes chuckle. Why? Well, I’ve been using them so long now that I usually know what they’re really saying—regardless of how much they try to dance around or soften things (not…

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