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‘Seagull Convention,’ Half Moon Bay, #California (#Photo of the Day) #tbex #ttot #birds

There were so many seagulls that day I was there, in Half Moon Bay, that I thought it was a seagull convention! What sort of professional organization do they have, I wondered? What were they meeting about? And was admission free–for anyone who could land or take off the way they do? I’m sharing the…

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Cultural Traditions or Animal Cruelty? Many ‘Games’ Still Being Played Worldwide

Plaza de Toros Bullfight and Folkloric Show Cancun, Mexico

Cock fights. Bull fights. Dog fights. Rodeos. And yes, even insect matches. These and other animal-focused sports—created for human entertainment and most often, financial gain—are still in existence today despite activists’ best efforts to eradicate them. Are these ‘sports,’ some of which date back to Roman times, merely ‘cultural traditions’ or outright ‘animal cruelty’? Or…

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Adorable Brown and White Spotted Goat Hanging Out in a Field in Jamaica

Spotted goat

I took this photo of a Jamaican goat because it was spotted and thus, different than most I’d seen in Billy’s Bay, Treasure Beach. I loved the colors, the brown and white, and thought he/she was adorable, which is why I’m sharing the picture here. I tried to make the typical goat sound–the ‘maa-maa’–but he/she…

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1 Man, 2 Dogs Riding on 1 Stand-Up Paddle Board–La Paz, Baja California

Stand Up Paddle Board, La Paz

When I first saw a man riding on a stand up paddle board with two dogs, I did a double-take. What the heck?? Was I seeing things? First of all, I knew that being on one of these boards wasn’t exactly easy. I tried it and sort of fell a few times; it took several…

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Porcupine Fish Face, Tecolote Beach, Sea of Cortez (Photo of the Day)

Porcupine Fish, Tecolote Beach, La Paz, Baja

This photo, of a porcupine fish (often mistaken for a blowfish or puffer fish), was taken in Baja, at the Sea of Cortez–at Tecolote Beach, not far from La Paz. I was relaxing under a palapa when there was a bit of commotion near the water. I thought someone had spotted a sting ray, but…

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Cute Chihuahua Resting on Sidewalk in Todos Santos, Baja California (Photo of the Day)

Chihuahua in Mexico

Just took this photo of a cute little Chihuahua a couple of hours ago here in Todo Santos in Baja California, Mexico. I just had to stop and say hello–that’s how cute he/she was! Deer or Apple Head? Chihuahuas have one of two types of heads. This one has a ‘deer head’ (not an apple…

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Colorful Moon Crab Climbing Cliff at Beach in Nicaragua (Photo of the Day)

Moon or Halloween Crab in Nicaragua

Today’s photo is of a crab that goes by many names: moon, Halloween, hermit, red land and Gecarcinus quadratus. To me, a traveler in Nicaragua, it was just a crab, one whose colors shocked and awed me. I’d never seen anything quite like it. Where: Madera and Remanso Beach, Nicaragua I was with a friend,…

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Lone Monkey Watching Sunset at Uluwatu, Bali (Photo of the Day)

Monkey watching sunset at Uluwatu, Bali

Today’s photo is of a monkey enjoying the sunset at Uluwatu cliff in Bali–a scene that that I must say surprised me. Most of the other monkeys were jumping and climbing on the tourists, but this was one sitting quietly. ‘Pura Luhur Uluwatu’, built in the 11th century, is a Hindu temple set on a…

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Rare Sumatran Tiger in Bukkitingi, Indonesia (Photo of the Day)

Sumatran Tiger, West Sumatra

Today’s photo is of a rare Sumatran tiger, also known as Panthera tigris sumatrae, a tiger subspecies that is critically endangered. It’s native only to the Indonesian island of Sumatra, and even there, the numbers are limited. Approximately  200 Sumatran tigers are currently living in zoos in various parts of the world, according to this…

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Wild Horse Galloping in Cappadocia, Turkey (Photo of the Day)

Wild Horse, Cappadocia

This wild horse, whose photo I took in Cappadocia, Turkey, caught my eye not just because of its beauty, but because of the sense of freedom it conveyed as it galloped among the surreal fairy chimneys of Goreme. The weather was perfect that day–and I felt happy to be traveling solo–and so, when I saw…

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