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Beach House and Patio—Dangriga, Belize (Photo of the Week)

Dangriga, Belize

I took this photo when I was walking through Dangriga, Belize, with a friend–on our way to Hopkins Village. I loved both the patio and house behind it because of the colors. I felt they represented the local vibe–the beach and cultural scene–just perfectly. I was curious about the person or people who might be…

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2: Garifuna Groove: Hanging Out in Hopkins (photo essay & tips)


Some travel destinations are made for hanging out—for relaxing and finding your own rhythm/groove. And of course, for being in the moment.

Hopkins Village, Belize, is one of those places.

I could tell you why it’s great, but I’d rather just show you.

Here’s a photo essay I created, which takes you on a groovy 1.5-minute tour of the town, its locals and the natural tropical beauty. You’ll hear the music of the Lebeha Drummers, meet the Garifuna locals and feel the warmth of the community. (Don’t miss Part 1 of this series, my story re: how the drumbeat took me into the heartbeat of the culture.)

After the video, check out my tips on how to “hang out in Hopkins” if you happen to visit this special little town.

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1: Garifuna Groove: Where the Drumbeat Is the Heartbeat of the Culture

Local drummers (a few from the Lebeha Group) at one of their evening performances

My hands come down on the once-soft animal skin, now stretched tightly over a tree trunk, producing a deep bass tone that momentarily takes me to West Africa.

The rhythm is familiar to one I learned from a Guinean master drummer once—one that would call upon the spirits of the ancestors during certain types of celebrations.

Yet as I follow the lead of my teacher, master drummer Jabbar, I’m reminded of the fact that we’re on an entirely different continent, playing drums with Latin names. I’m laying down a bass line on a primero and he’s soloing on a primero, which has a higher sound.

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