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‘Walking Walls’: A Photographic Exploration of Modern Political Boundaries

Jerusalem Separation Wall

(This guest post/photo essay is by Kate Trenerry, who has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East to explore and document modern political borders. She has two bachelor’s degrees–one in History and another in Cinema & Media Studies–both from Carleton College. For a complete bio, including links to Kate’s blog, see the end of…

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Bad Border Behaviors: 4 Case Studies/Tips and 2 Confessions

Border Bathroom

Lots of things can go wrong at border crossings. There could be a problem with your visa. Someone might try to scam you–and succeed. Or something else totally unexpected could happen. And so, as you approach a border–especially a chaotic one–you may feel apprehensive. You get your bags ready, fumble for your “papers” and then,…

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SWF in Syria (4): Tips for a Great Trip to This (‘Bad Boy’) Country

Daddy Syria

As you’ve seen in this series, it’s easy to fall in love with alleged ‘bad boy’ country Syria and have the time of your life there—whether you’re a man or a woman.

I did, after all, and I’m a SWF.

Before you go, though, there are a few things you should know that will help make your first trip a great one.

As awesome as Syria is to visit (cool video here), he does have a few issues you should know about in advance.

Most of these tips are unisex; some are specific to women.

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