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Crashing Waves at Frenchman’s Bay, Treasure Beach, #Jamaica (#Photo of the Day) #Caribbean #ttot

Frenchman's Bay, Treasure Beach

Frenchman’s Bay, in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, was a real treat for me. It is gorgeous to look at for one thing, and it’s known for being the best ‘swimming beach’ of those in the area. I must say that I agree–even thought the photo I’m sharing is of the waves crashing. In reality, it was…

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Adorable Brown and White Spotted Goat Hanging Out in a Field in Jamaica

Spotted goat

I took this photo of a Jamaican goat because it was spotted and thus, different than most I’d seen in Billy’s Bay, Treasure Beach. I loved the colors, the brown and white, and thought he/she was adorable, which is why I’m sharing the picture here. I tried to make the typical goat sound–the ‘maa-maa’–but he/she…

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Haitian Border and Market (a photo/video essay)


On my recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I visited the Haitian border and its market, Mercado Fronterizo, in a town called Perdernales. While there, I saw people crossing the border and selling a variety of items, from food to toys and even old shoes. The UN also passed through at one point. The Haitian…

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The Caribbean on the Cheap—Can I Do It and Get What I Want?

Palm trees

Here’s the situation. I have credit for a flight with Air Caribbean (due to a trip to Jamaica that I canceled) and need to use the ticket within 1 year. I may want to use it in January—next month! I’m still considering Jamaica, but there are now 9 other possible countries/territories as contenders. And it’s…

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