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Your Cookies or Your Life! Colombia’s Wild West ‘Tollbooths’

Guajira Tollbooth

Children, some cute as a button and others subtly menacing, come running as your vehicle approaches the leather band strung across the desert road. Tires on either side mean circumvention is impossible. Adults, parents or other family members, sometimes wait in the distance…just in case. Just in case you don’t have cookies. Cookie Tollbooths That’s right. These…

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The Boy They Call ‘Dummy’ and Why I Want to Change That #Jamaica #deaf #children #specialneeds #tbex


I’d chatted with the neighborhood kids several times during my recent stay in Billy’s Bay, Jamaica–a village with a population of about 150–and there were plenty of smiles and laughs each time. Connecting with them was one of those simple pleasures that make travel so special. One day, another kid, who looked as sweet as…

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5 Toyless Games Indonesian Children Like To Play…With Foreigners

Village kids running

Indonesian children are wonderful to hang out with. They’re generally well-behaved and best of all, they’re fun. They seem to live in the moment…naturally. And most like to play games. But not the kind you might think. Certain kids, neighbors I met while staying/volunteering in a village (Tiakar Guguak, Payakumbuh) in West Sumatra for a…

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Marching With—Then Teaching—Balinese Children I Didn’t Know (Random Travel Moment #7)

Marching Balinese students

One minute, I’m walking down the street. The next, I’m marching…with Balinese kids I don’t know. An hour later, I’m in their classroom—teaching them. How the heck did that happen? Read on and discover how Random Travel Moment #7 landed me in a classroom! Where: Amed, Bali I’d been staying in an area known as…

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Indonesian Students’ Images Reflected on Whiteboard (Trippy Travel Photo 25)


This photo is of Indonesian students’ images reflected on a whiteboard at a school in Sumatra. Tricky right? Well, someone came very close to guessing it. How? By following these steps. 1. Look at the Photo/Study the Details 2. Guess what/where! What is it? Where was I traveling when I saw it? And if you…

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Two Boys, Arm in Arm, in Aleppo, Syria—Before the War (Photo of the Day)

Two boys in Aleppo--friends or brothers--enjoying a peaceful moment together

I came across this photo a few days ago and was transported back in time to Aleppo, Syria, in 2010–when I had the opportunity to travel there. Before the war. When life was peaceful. These boys and the looks on their faces caught my eye, leading me to share the photo. When/Where I Met the…

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Meet Baby ‘Dillon’—50% Balinese, 50% British and 100% Adorable (Photo of the Day)

Dillon--1/2 Balinese, 1/2 British baby

Today’s photo, shot on an iPhone, is of a lovely child—I Gede Dillon—whom I met here in Amed, Bali (Indonesia) several days ago. He’s 6 months old…and half Balinese, half British and 100% adorable! I’ve had so much fun getting to know him and photographing him that I just had to share one of his…

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Kindergarten Party Fun in Western Sumatra, Indonesia! (photo/video essay)

Payakumbuh kindergarten dancer

It’s not every day that I attend a kindergarten party/celebration–especially in a village in Sumatra! So I shot many photos (and some video), which I’m sharing so that you can get a sense of what it was like to be there…

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Haitian Border and Market (a photo/video essay)


On my recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I visited the Haitian border and its market, Mercado Fronterizo, in a town called Perdernales. While there, I saw people crossing the border and selling a variety of items, from food to toys and even old shoes. The UN also passed through at one point. The Haitian…

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