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SriLanka (and Maybe Maldives), Here I Come! 1-Month Itinerary

Golden Temple

My next trip (1-month itinerary) is to Sri Lanka (and possibly the Maldives). I’m leaving on Saturday, June 20th, and am definitely excited about it since it’ll be my first time there. It looks like an incredibly fascinating country with so much to offer…I have a feeling I’m going to love it! Why Sri Lanka? Why not?…

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6 Cities I (Probably) Won’t Be Returning To


Over the years, I’ve visited many cities–large, medium-sized and small. I’m not even sure how many.  Although I don’t love large ones (with a few exceptions), I do like them. Generally, however, I prefer the smaller ones. Looking ahead, I’m thinking about where else I’d like to travel. Most of my trips require a stop…

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Planning Summer Trip to Romania, France and ________? Advice needed!

Lille, France

Surprise! I’m planning to travel to…Europe this summer! Romania, France and….well, I hope to figure it out (or have a rough idea) soon. Maybe you can help? So, first, how this came about… The truth is–I was sort of considering Sri Lanka or Bolivia or Mexico. Then, an interesting invitation was extended to me right…

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7 Trips I (Almost) Regret Not Taking–and Whether I’ll Go in the Future #travel #ttot

Las Cajas National Park

Have you ever traveled somewhere and opted not to visit the country next door or to take that highly recommended day or side trip that you easily could have squeezed in? This has happened to me a number of times. In some cases, I wanted to take the trip and couldn’t. In others, I wasn’t …

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7 Reasons Why I Didn’t Go to Haiti

Consultation with Dominican authorities re: possible Haiti trip

A few days after arriving in the Dominican Republic, on my recent trip, I felt a sudden urge to visit Haiti. It was right there, after all. Especially when I was in a village near Mao, just one hour or so from the border. It was mostly one place that I was interested in, up…

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5 Fantasy Trips—and Why I Haven’t Taken Them…Yet


If you’ve visited this site before, then you may know that I’ve traveled to more than 25 countries (on 5 continents), including some that might be considered ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ journeys; I’ve also had “life-changing” experiences along the way. I feel great about where I’ve been and have no regrets. Of course, there’s a lot more to…

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PPS (Packing Procrastination Syndrome): 7 Signs, Symptoms & Possible Solutions

It’s that time of year again (getting ready for my summer trip), and unfortunately, I’ve got PPS. Try as I might to avoid it, I find that I’m suffering from it–the syndrome–once again. If there were a pill to take, I would. But there isn’t. Diet and exercise have no effect, either. See, PPS–Packing Procrastination…

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Cold Feet re: Travel–What’s it really about?


Ever find yourself on the verge of making a travel decision, minor or major, then hesitating?

Perhaps it’s right before you take a bus or a taxi in a foreign country (or at home). Or maybe when you’re considering whether to visit a certain town or not.

Or maybe it’s about the actual trip itself.

You want to go to a certain country and have been excited about it for a while. You’ve sort of figured out when/how and then, when it’s time to hit the ‘purchase ticket’ button, you find yourself hesitating.

The worst part is–you’re not sure why.

There are times when you have a clear-cut gut feeling and so, like most people, you would simply follow it. But there are times when you’re not sure if that is the case…perhaps you’ve been over-thinking it. And some of that (but not all of it) could be that the country’s international media profile isn’t too hot.

Case in point (for me right now): Indonesia.

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Travel to Indonesia or Not (2): Outcome, decisions and new questions

What happens when two friends get together for 4 days/5 nights, stay in a small apartment with one bathroom, cram in too many activities and then save NYC for the last day, when they’re exhausted and the weather happens to be cold all of a sudden (after being perfect the day before)? By the way….Friend…

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Travel to Indonesia or Not (1): That Is the Question

Indo girls

It’s that time of year once again–time, that is, to plan my summer trip. In about 2 months I’ll be off from work for the summer, which means I’ll have a nice chunk of time to travel.

Of course, and unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of money to do it, so the trip will probably be for 4 to 5 weeks. Also, I’ll have to plan this just right to make it work. I love the idea of Indonesia, but I’m not 100% sure at this point if that’s where I’m going or if the plan will come together. Here’s why:

1. I may not travel solo this time

I’m used to traveling on my own and do quite well with it (prefer it for the most part), but I may be going with a very good friend of mine who’s itching to take a trip with me. She like the types of adventures I tend to have and would love to have one, too; she’s not sure how to do it on her own. I’ve said a sort of conditional ‘yes’ (see #2).

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