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Trippy Travel Photo #19: ‘Water Apple,’ Dominican Republic

Water Apple, Dominican Republic

This mystery of this photo–of a ‘water apple’ in the Dominican Republic–was successfully solved by a woman named Helene. To win the game, she followed these steps… 1. Look at the Photo/Study the Details

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Amantina’s Dominican Kitchen—Where Love Is the Main Ingredient

Ona--Haitian woman and fantastic cook

After a couple of long days of travel on my recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I wasn’t feeling well, thanks to a stomach virus. When I arrived in Los Patos, a small town in the southwestern corner of the country, I had no appetite, yet I knew I was hungry. The question was—what could…

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Sunflower in Full Bloom, Dominican Republic (Photo of the Day)

Sunflower, Dominican Republic

This lovely sunflower was standing there, proudly, in front of someone’s house–just waiting for me to take its photo. (Well, not really…it was just there.) What drew me to it was its warm and bold yellow, which stood out against its own green leaves and the green paint on the windowpane behind it. I especially…

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100 Shades of Blue: Los Patos, Barahona, Dominican Republic (a photo essay)

Los Patos, Dominican Republic

There’s a small town in the Dominican Republic’s southwest called Los Patos, where water from a river in the nearby Bahoruco Mountain Range flows in and forms a freshwater lagoon–and a lovely swimming hole–before meeting up with and joining forces with the Caribbean Sea. Los Patos: Where the River Meets the Sea It’s a magical…

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The Dominican Papaya Milkshake Scam—and How to Avoid It

Me enjoying papaya shake

I haven’t been feeling well lately, and it’s not just because I’m back in New Jersey’s crappy cold weather after enjoying wonderful 80-degree weather in the Dominican Republic. There’s something far more serious going on with me. See, while I was away, I became addicted to the DR’s truly perfect papaya milkshakes, known as “batida…

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Mangú, Merengue and Mao: A Day in a Dominican Village

Getting off the beaten path in the DR

It’s mid-morning and the merengue, coming from different corners of the village, reaches the porch where I’m sitting and makes me smile. One is fast and in my face. Another is slow and suave. Almost romantic. And the third one is medium tempo and just right. Across the street–the dirt road, that is–local men are…

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