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Lake Atitlán, Guatemala: Photos and Facts

Lake Atitlan girls up close

Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, called Lake Atitlán “the most beautiful lake in the world,” and I must say it was definitely one of the most gorgeous that I’ve ever seen. Of course, one should judge for oneself. And meanwhile, why now learn a little bit about the mysterious lake, how it was…

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Trippy Travel Photo #13: The Human Tree, Tikal, Guatemala

Trippy Travel Photo #13

Ready to play Trippy Travel Photo Game #13 and possibly win a mention/link back to your site? It’s easy! Just… 1. Look at the Photo/Study the Details

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Monterrico: Madness, Mischief and a Pissy Pelican (video tale & tips)

Up close and personal with Pancho

Manic mosquitos. Trippy turtles. A psychotic yogini and a violent storm. Wet Birkenstocks. Deadly waves slamming down on black sand. And of course, Pancho, the Pelican, who can still fuel nightmares if I’m not careful.

Ah yes, memories…of a mere 24 hours in Monterrico, Guatemala. Do they light the corner of my mind? Most certainly.

Wondering what the hell happened there, are you? Well, let’s pretend we’re at a hostel or in a bar having a drink and sharing travel tales. Tag–I’m it.

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Earth, Wind, Fire, Water…and Sand

nature collage 2010

Nature is one of the best places to find yourself…at home or abroad. It’s peaceful and it’s beautiful.

And it’s definitely where I find it easiest to get in touch with myself, to relax and experience healing if that’s what I need.

When I created this unique photo, I thought about the various types of nature–earth…wind…fire…water…and sand–and what each represents to me and what I feel when I’m there.

Earth is is stabilizing solidity…
Wind is freeing movement…
Fire is contagious passion…
Water is flowing healing…
Sand is smooth awareness…

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