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10 Ways Jamaica Surprised (and Didn’t Surprise) Me

Jamaican woman in water

Before traveling to Jamaica, I wondered what it would be like. Tourists everywhere? Super expensive? Rastas on every corner? Cheap Jerk chicken? And would I smell ganja being smoked 24/7? Most of my questions were answered on my recent trip. I spent most of my time in Treasure Beach, which is off the beaten path,…

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Crashing Waves at Frenchman’s Bay, Treasure Beach, #Jamaica (#Photo of the Day) #Caribbean #ttot

Frenchman's Bay, Treasure Beach

Frenchman’s Bay, in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, was a real treat for me. It is gorgeous to look at for one thing, and it’s known for being the best ‘swimming beach’ of those in the area. I must say that I agree–even thought the photo I’m sharing is of the waves crashing. In reality, it was…

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The Boy They Call ‘Dummy’ and Why I Want to Change That #Jamaica #deaf #children #specialneeds #tbex


I’d chatted with the neighborhood kids several times during my recent stay in Billy’s Bay, Jamaica–a village with a population of about 150–and there were plenty of smiles and laughs each time. Connecting with them was one of those simple pleasures that make travel so special. One day, another kid, who looked as sweet as…

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Patois Lesson on a Porch…in Rural #Jamaica (Random #Travel Moment 12) #ttot #tbex

Couple who taught me Patois

Patois, aka Jamaican Creole, is what most Jamaicans prefer to speak and if you know a little, it goes a long way. That’s why I tried to learn as much as I could on my trip a few weeks ago. And I was lucky to have my own private lesson…on a porch…taught by two vendors,…

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Red-Topped Cactus, Treasure Beach, Jamaica (Photo of the Day)

Red-topped cactus, Treasure Beach

This red-topped cactus I spotted in Billy’s Bay, Treasure Beach, Jamaica, was one of many I came across. On this particular day, I’d gone for a walk–in the opposite direction of the other bays in the area, where one finds a handful of restaurants, guesthouses, etc. I was already pretty far of the beaten path,…

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Sweet Jamaican Vendor Holding Her Basket of Coconut Goodies (Photo of the Day)

coconut drop vendor

My Jamaican minibus–from Black River to Billy’s Bay in Treasure Beach–was running late yesterday and I was in the mood for a snack. So I was glad when this particular vendor stopped by to offer me some of the goodies in her basket. She had regular cookies, which she said were made of coconut, and…

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