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The Woman Who Used My Arm as a Handrail (Random Travel Moment 14)


Where: On a Boat I had no clue, but I’d just gotten on the wrong boat. I was on my way to Nainathivu, an island off the coast of Jaffna Penninsula in Sri Lanka. (Story coming soon.) Hundreds of people, on their way to a Hindu festival, had crowded on and taken up every inch of…

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Playing Pharmacist With an Argentine Soap Opera Actress (Random Travel Moment 14)


When I checked in at the beachfront hotel in Palomino, Colombia, I immediately noticed how much Maria, the manager, smiled. She looked beautiful and happy…radiant, in fact. “I used to be an actress on a soap opera in Argentina,” she told me proudly when we had our first conversation. “Really? A sweet character or a…

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The Cool Colombian Cop Who Made My Day (Random Travel Moment 13)

Officer David

Where/When: El Dorado International Airport, Bogotá It was barely 5 am when my plane landed in Bogotá and I was exhausted. Once I passed through Customs/Immigration, I had two things on my mind: getting a cup of coffee and buying a SIM for my phone. First I got the coffee; then I looked for a…

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Patois Lesson on a Porch…in Rural #Jamaica (Random #Travel Moment 12) #ttot #tbex

Couple who taught me Patois

Patois, aka Jamaican Creole, is what most Jamaicans prefer to speak and if you know a little, it goes a long way. That’s why I tried to learn as much as I could on my trip a few weeks ago. And I was lucky to have my own private lesson…on a porch…taught by two vendors,…

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Smoking Cigs with Gypsy Peanut Woman (Random Travel Moment #11)

Gypsy Peanut Lady

Why is this woman, a gypsy traveling by ferry (somewhere between Eminonu and Sariyer), smiling with a peanut in between her teeth? And how about that expression on her face–what was she thinking/feeling? And how the heck did I, a nonsmoker, end up smoking a couple of cigs with her–and yeah, eating some of her…

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Kissed by a Flirtatious Taco Maker in La Paz, Mexico (Random Travel Moment #10)

Kissed by a taco maker

When I ate at my favorite local taco place in La Paz for the 4th time, I had no idea that I’d get more than some free samples. There was also an unexpected kiss from the taco maker. How the heck did this happen? Where Was I? La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico—at the Hermanos Rosario…

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Blindfolded and Force-fed Baby Food in Mexico! (Random Travel Moment #9)

Blindfolded and Force-fed Baby Food

How It Began… “Want to go to a Mexican baby shower?” asked Jeanne, a woman I’d just met hours before. We were at a bar in La Paz, Baja Sur, and she was a friend of a friend–someone I’d met randomly on a shuttle bus (click here for that story). The mother-to-be was her (Jeanne’s)…

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Sailing the Sea of Cortez with a Man I Met on a Shuttle Bus (Random Travel Moment #8)

John on deck

Where Was I? I’d just landed at the Los Cabos Int’l Airport in Baja California, Mexico, and was inquiring about cheap transportation to La Paz, my destination. I met a kinda loco timeshare salesman who convinced me to take a seemingly pricey shuttle (EcoBajaTours) with AC and wifi. I went for it and was soon…

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Marching With—Then Teaching—Balinese Children I Didn’t Know (Random Travel Moment #7)

Marching Balinese students

One minute, I’m walking down the street. The next, I’m marching…with Balinese kids I don’t know. An hour later, I’m in their classroom—teaching them. How the heck did that happen? Read on and discover how Random Travel Moment #7 landed me in a classroom! Where: Amed, Bali I’d been staying in an area known as…

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Random Travel Moment #6: Meeting the Exorcist Asst. Director in Amman, Jordan

Exorcist Assistant Director

The Assistant Director of the Exorcist? In Amman, Jordan? Pretty random and yeah, just a bit bizarre. What the heck would…um…possess someone to claim that identity? And why did he choose to speak to me and my 12-year-old Circassian-Jordanian friend Shamel? And was he really who he said he was? Read on to find out……

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